Wilson River Lodge

We are located on the Wilson River and offer guided fishing for winter Steelhead and fall and spring Chinook Salmon. We have comfortable lodging for up to 6 guests. With prior notification we can also accommodate large corporate groups or family outings. We also have some private river access right behind the lodge for fishing the mighty Steelhead and Salmon.

We are located between mile marker 8 and 9 on Hwy 6, just outside Tillamook, Oregon along the Oregon Coast. Located about 1 hour from Portland, you will be in the heart of salmon and Steelhead country. We have 3 rivers (Trask, Kilchis and Wilson River) within 15 minutes of the Wilson River Lodge. These are all excellent rivers for chasing Salmon and Steelhead.

We have trips for the beginners to most avid anglers. Whether you should choose to fish for the day or would like to stay at our lodge, we will put you into the position to catch that trophy fish of a lifetime!

Welcome to the River

Expect adventure as you begin your day before dawn on the river.  It takes knowledge of the river and an outdoors-man’s skill to place you in the right place as the sun comes up.  These big fish are fresh in from the ocean and present an exciting contest of wills.

The Rivers

We fish on the the Wilson River, the Trask River, and the Kilchis River.


Fall Chinook start in Tillamook Bay in the middle of September. We are fishing for them in the rivers, bay and tidewaters by mid-September and continue to fish for these tackle busting monsters through December in the rivers. Out of the 2 runs of Chinook that come into our rivers, the fall Chinook is definitely the bigger of the two and more abundant. These fish average 20-30 lbs. with an occasional 40-50 lb. trophy fish.

During this time of the year, we are usually using heavier gear. This includes trolling spinners and herring, back bouncing; bobber fishing and pulling plugs are very effective ways to catch these big bruisers. By mid-December the fall Chinook fishery slows down and the Steelhead start to invade our river systems. Steelhead is considered by most to be the crème de la crème with their acrobatic and “Never Say Die” attitude, these fish are very exciting to fight and land. Winter steelhead average from 8-12 lbs., some getting over 20+ lbs. (trophy fish). On the Wilson River we also get a great run of hatchery fish, which can be harvested. Fish and Game also has an excellent hatchery brewed stock program that has been producing some huge hatchery fish (mid to high teens).

Steelhead run on the Wilson, Kilchis and Trask rivers from middle of December through mid-April. This is our longest run of fish in the river system. Unlike salmon, Steelhead make multiple returns to the ocean during their lifetime, eventually spawning in the river system.

There are many methods to target these very aggressive fish. These include bobber dogging with eggs, beads, or yarnies, bobber fishing with jigs or bait, pulling plugs, throwing spinners, drift fishing and even fly fishing can be very productive. After the Steelhead have left the system, we take a couple of weeks off and get geared up for the spring Chinook run.

Springers are predominant in Tillamook Bay and can be found in the rivers as well. These fish run from the middle of May through end of June, this is the best time frame to go after spring Chinook salmon. Most people consider the Spring Chinook to be the best fish to eat across the country. They average 15-20lb and are a real treat on the BBQ. Like the fall Chinook, the Springer’s are targeted by trolling spinners and herring, back bouncing, bobber fishing and pulling plugs.