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  The Fishing  

There are five species of Pacific Salmon, and all of them migrate annually to the clearwater tributaries of the Kichatna River.

The first to arrive in mid-June is the mighty Chinook (or King) Salmon. This big fish is generally taken on large spinning tackle. However, many flyfishermen have experienced the ultimate in angling adventure when a King has taken their weighted streamer fly.

The Sockeye (or Red) Salmon begin arriving in mid July. By the first two weeks of August, you can stand knee-deep in the river surrounded by these swift, brilliant fighters! The moment a Sockeye strikes, the water explodes with dramatic action!

The last week of July and throughout August, these clearwater tributaries are home again to the Chum and Pink Salmon. The Chum is a large, powerful fish and provides a thrilling contest.

The entire month of August into September has some excellent Coho (or Silver) Salmon fishing. They are fresh, strong, and of perfect eating quality. The Silver will strike flies and lures with equal zest and are truly a sportfisher’s dream come true. These salmon are well known for their acrobatic leaps and sizzling runs for deeper pools.

Rainbow Trout/Arctic Grayling/Dolly Varden:

As the King Salmon begin spawning the last three weeks of July, the Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing can be very good on some of our remote rock bottom streams. Typically, the weather is warm and sunny, creating perfect water conditions for a memorable fly fishing experience!

Big Dave and Robert are mature and experienced guides in all forms of the angling arts. They are on the streams each day and are experts at river reading, fish locating, and casting techniques. We will also transport you by jet boat to those “hot spots” not accessible by wading.

We are anxious to pass along our knowledge and skills. Novice anglers can expect to receive lots of instruction and patience here at Big Dave's Alaskan Bush Lodge while experienced anglers will appreciate professional assistance.

60 + lb.
King Salmon
15+ lb.
Silver Salmon
8+ lb.
Rainbow Trout
12+ lb.
Northern Pike

These fish are all within your reach!!!

Book now for the fishing trip of a lifetime. We promise to do everything we can to make your experience memorable. We hope to see you soon!