What to Pack

When you come to visit the Big Dave’s Alaskan Bush Lodge, there are some things that you will need to bring. Below is a list of items you won’t want to forget!

  • Breathable waders
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Mosquito repellant (Deet works best)
  • Sun block
  • Camera, Film and extra batteries
  • Weather is unknown so bring clothes for both warm and cool weather:
    • Short-sleeved cotton shirts
    • Fleece pullover (under layer)
    • Hooded sweatshirt
    • Long – sleeve river shirts
    • Fleece pans  or long johns for under waders
    • Hooded raingear
    • Heavy boot socks (wool and cotton)
    • Shorts
  • Baseball Cap
  • Flip Flop sandals or slippers for inside the lodge
  • Personal toiletries/medicines (we provide towels, but do not provide soap/shampoo)
  • Alcohol/tobacco
  • Desired late night snacks for inside your cabin
  • Cash (gratuities)
  • Fishing licence (can be purchased at Regal Air)
  • Headlamp or lightweight flashlight (when traveling in Aug. or Sept. because daylight is limited)

Remember to travel light. When traveling by float plane, baggage space is limited to 50lb. so avoid hard suitcases and bring only duffel bags for your trip to the lodge.

Things to Do

Wildlife Viewing

Our adventure vacations are a photographer’s dream. Be sure to bring extra film and batteries for our trips. You usually don’t have to try real hard to see wildlife  our area. We would be happy to either drive you around in the boat or we can schedule a flight seeing trip directly from the lodge (great aerial viewing).

Commonly seen are moose, fox, bear, beaver and a wide assortment of birds including eagles, owls, Arctic Tern, ducks, geese and much more.